Learn to Play in 5 Minutes a Day

4 Simple Steps help you learn 4 times faster.

Let’s face it, nobody really likes to practice; but everybody wants to play. With these 4 Simple Steps, you can play songs you love in one fourth the time.

Step 1:  Go slow to learn fast.

Play the notes from your song in order. First in 2 beats, then twice as fast.  It’s magical.  1 minute.

Step 2:  Echo Game

Play any 3 or 4 notes from your new song in any order. Repeat. You’re playing by ear.  1 minute gets the job done.

Step 3: Jam

Take your new “music vocabulary” and just start talking. Make it up.  Jam.  1 minute.

Step 4: Play the Song

You already played the notes you need in Steps 1, 2 and 3. You’ll learn your new song 4 times faster.  2 minutes.

David Paul Violin Pic“This Simple 4 Step method is the same way I learn music as a professional every day.  I used the 4 Steps when I was playing violin full time in a symphony.  Now, when I need the piano part ready for choir rehearsal, I apply the same 4 steps. It’s an AMAZING time saver!” David Paul

These lessons teach you how to fish, they don’t just feed you for a day.

Save a ton of time and wasted effort.

I‘ll send you a sample lesson to show you how it works. You can try a free lesson for violin, guitar or piano. There’s no catch, no obligation. Just tell me where to send the link and you can do the 4 Steps yourself.

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  • Master Step 1, and you’ll solve 85% of every problem you’ll ever face playing a new tune.
  • Master Step 2, and you’ll play by ear better than 90% of the note readers out there.
  • Master Step 3, and you’ll know how to put artistic expression in all your playing.

Unlimited lessons include over 450 videos for more than 60 songs in 4 books.   They are for piano, guitar and violin.

With your subscription, you get access to all the songs right away.  You can download and print all 4 books. That’s over 120 pages of music.  It is a $60 value all by itself.

The books include simple kid’s songs and quickly go into folk songs, blue grass songs, blues, and classical pieces too.

Master the 4 simple steps and you’ll know how to fish.  You’ll be independent. You won’t need a teacher all the time.

  • These lessons teach both note reading and playing by ear.
  • Every song has it’s own short video that shows written notes going by as you hear the song.
  • Play with your friends and family.  There are guitar chords on every song and duet parts too.

How to use the 4 Simple Steps to play by ear.

You will learn to think like a play by ear musician. Listen to the songs, stop the recording and echo what you hear. A good play by ear musician hears a song just a couple times and can play it.  You will build up to that level with the 4 steps.

How to use the 4 Simple Steps to read notes.

Download the books. Listen to the videos and watch the notes go by. Play the songs from the written music.  You get lots of extra note reading help in the books.

“We’re not in Kansas anymore.”

Dorothy in the Wizard of Oz knew something was up. We live in a world that moves a whole lot faster than it used to.  How we learn music needs to keep up with the changes.

Stop wasting so much time learning to play. Let these 4 Simple Steps free you up. They cost a fraction of what you would pay a private teacher.

  • One subscription can be used by the whole family!
  • 150+ videos for each instrument
  • 4 books with over 120 pages of music
  • 4 Simple Steps on every lesson
  • Immediate access after registration
  • Works on all devices.

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Books 1, 2, 3 and 4

Over 150 help videos

Instant Access

30 Day, 100% Money Back Guarantee





Books 1, 2, 3 and 4

Over 300 help videos

Instant Access

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Books 1, 2, 3 and 4

Over 450 help videos

Instant Access

30 Day, 100% Money Back Guarantee