Family Lessons

Play Music Together

Sisters with Brothers ~ Parents with Children ~ Younger with Older

In the past, families had to wait through 3 or 4 years of private lessons before they could play music together. “Note readers” could not play with “Play by Ear” musicians. Songs were in the wrong key for beginners, or the parts did not match.

Play music together, from the very beginning of your lessons.

Learn from 4 books with 60 matching songs for piano, guitar and violin. Guitar chords for every song. A revolutionary 4 step method helps note readers and play by ear students. No one is left behind. (450 song videos for all 60 songs help play by ear students.)

Lessons Include: 1 on 1, PC Learning and Playing Together

Lessons are for 2 to 4 students. Because individual help is so important to a student’s success, all lessons include a 20 minute private lesson, plus 20 minutes computer assisted learning (Free programs) and 20 minutes of playing music together.

  • First Lesson is Free
  • Limited Openings
  • Denver Area

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